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BarterCard Northern Zones Series 2017

RD1 Port Macquarie Feb 4/5

RD2 Coffs Harbour Mar 26

RD3 Grafton Jul 16

RD4 Tamworth Sep 9/10


There seems to have been some confusion as to series points, as there was an original series draft done by the clubs, then a State Series Sup Regs Ver 1, then a State Series Ver 2., all points have now been recalculated as per the NSW State Series Ver 2. approved Sup Regs.

They can be found here:

1: You have to compete in a minimum of 3 rounds to be eligible for series trophies.
2. If you compete in all 4 rounds you will get an extra 4 bonus points, and you drop your worst round. 
3. Points for each round determined by a sliding scale of number of entries at that round. Some names and classes may be missing as they have not completed the minimum rounds.
Series Points after 3rd Round
Click to download file to see points"
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