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AboutCoffs Kart

Coffs Coast is located on the east coast of Australia, approximately halfway between Sydney and Brisbane on the Legendary Pacific Coast Touring Route...  an area known as the North Coast of NSW.

With 5 variations of tracks, and beautiful surrounds we have one of the best presented kart tracks in Australia.

Track A - 907m - 36 kart density

Track B - 835m - 33 kart density

Track C - 601m - 24 kart density

Track D - 667m - 26 kart density

Track E - 678m - 26 kart density



Cadet 9                                         10/81  
Cadet 12                                       10/83 

Junior Light                                  10/75  
Junior Heavy                                10/77  
Junior Performance                    10/80 

Rotax Junior Max                         
Senior Light                                  10/79
Senior Heavy                                10/82   
Snr Performance Light               10/81    
Snr Performance Heavy             10/84        
TAG 125 Light (Rotax)                  11/80   
TAG 125 Heavy (Rotax)                11/83   
TAG Restricted Light (Rotax)       11/80

TAG Restricted Heavy (Rotax)      11/83  

Coffs Harbour Kart Racing Club is returning to Karting Australia, Karting Australia New South Wales.


We would like to thank all members who attended our special meeting yesterday (21st January), a motion to re-affiliate with Karting Australia was passed with a majority vote of 77%. We would like to thank both Karting NSW & Karting Australia for their professionalism during this time.

The outcome was a club decision, Karting NSW & Karting Australia both made presentations to our members and the decision was not taken lightly.

We look forward to 2024.


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