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Subject to prearranged meetings or track maintenance

Summary of Practice Guidelines for Coffs Harbour pre Covid 19

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*   Note that KNSW requires at the track- "a person that is over 18, has access to a phone, fire extinguisher and medical kit and not out on the Track at the same time."  This means that a MINIMUM of 2 people to be at the Track for Practice; one needs to be over 18.

    *   The Fire Extinguisher and Medical Kit are housed in the locked room under the Tower.


    *   NO TYRES etc are to be left behind. Facility is to be left in a neat and tidy condition upon leaving.

    *   Please phone the key holder approx. 1 hour before finishing Practice so the Track can be secured.

    *   BEFORE making your Track Practice Booking, in order to organise Track Entry, please contact the following key holders - James Morrison 0412 960 705 or


    *   Thank you for supporting our beautiful Track at Coffs! 


Practice is under NEW CHKRC & KNSW GUIDELINES & subject to prearranged meetings or track maintenance 

  • One track formation to be used – unless adjusted by committee member

  • No stopping on track

  • Practice must be booked through our website. And then verified by a committee member (The site will email a confirmation, which you can print) an electronic sign on sheet will be used.

  • A first aid kit provided by club will be stored below control tower and must be accessible at all times

  • Break down lane will not be in use for practice

  • Outgrid and Ingrid must be kept clear at all times.

  • Trolley bay, walkways and paths must be clear of vehicles at all times.


KNSW Practice Regulations

X.1 Overview
X.1.1 Practice Permits
a.     Each KNSW club must obtain a practice Permit from KNSW under these Interim Practice Regulations, before allowing any members to practice. For the purposes of these Interim Practice Regulations, KNSW will also accept a valid current practice Permit issued by KNSW to a current KNSW Member currently in place as at the date of this Release until the formal issue of new 2019 KNSW Rules & Regulations.
b.     The practice Permit will specify what days & times practice can occur, and any other conditions.
c.     The practice Permit must be displayed at the out-grid area.
XI.1.2 Track Use
a. When practicing at a Track, it is ESSENTIAL that these regulations are observed at all times in the interests of safety.
XII.1.3 Emergencies
a.     So as to ensure that emergency services personnel can be called in the event of an accident, no person is permitted to use a Track if they are unaccompanied. There must be at least one adult observing any on-Track activity at all times.
b.     The Club FIRST AID KIT must be properly stocked, easily accessible and readily available should it be required.
c.     There must be at least one (1) working mobile phone, or club landline available, any time drivers are on the Race Track.
X.2 Driver Requirements
X.2.1 Compliance
a.      KNSW Regulations must be complied with at all times.
b.     Drivers must hold a current KNSW Licence that is valid for their class of Kart. For the purposes of these Interim Practice Regulations, KNSW will recognise a current KA licence.
c.     Club personnel must be able to validate a drivers KNSW licence.
d.     Drivers must fill out a sign-on sheet, for each day they attend the club/Track for practice.
e.     The club must retain all sign-on sheets for a period of 12 months.
f.      Drivers under the age of 18 years of age, must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
g.     All drivers must be accompanied by at least one other person while at the Track.
h.     Using any short cuts or cut throughs, regardless of the Race Track configuration, is strictly prohibited.
i.      All Karts must be driven in the same direction at all times.
X.2.2 Kart Classes
a.     Drivers are only permitted to drive a Class of Kart for which they are currently licenced. For the purposes of these Interim Practice Regulations, KNSW will recognise all current KA Classes.
b.     Age division restrictions for who may be on a Race Track at the same time:

  • •Novice and Rookie drivers are permitted on a Race Track at the same time; 

  •  Junior drivers are not permitted on the Race Track with any other age division; •           

  •  Senior drivers are not permitted on the Race Track with any other age division.

 X.3 Track Configurations
X.3.1 Full Track
a.     Practice will always take place on the full Race Track (No short cuts or cut throughs are to be used) unless an alternate configuration has been approved and implemented.

X.3.2 Alternate Configuration.    
a.       An alternate Race Track configuration can only be used if it has: • 

  • Been established and authorised by the club;•           

  • The alternate configuration has been implemented by the positioning of tyre barriers, cones and Race Track blocking devices, that have been approved by the Club Safety Officer and Track Inspector.

X.3.3 Direction of Travel
a.     Each club must designate the standard direction in which all Karts will be required to drive, any time they are using the Race Track for practice.
b.     For clubs where there Track licence allows reverse direction racing, the Race Track setup may be reversed in preparation for the next race meeting, so signage must always be in place to indicate which direction is currently being used.
X.3.4 Signage
a.     A sign displaying the Track Map that clearly shows the full Track or the alternate configuration – whichever is in use - must be prominently positioned at the out-grid.
b.     The current direction of travel must also be clearly shown at the out-grid on a sign positioned adjacent to the Track Map sign or out-grid gate.
X.3.5 Supervision
a.     It is highly recommended that a club Official be present to supervise practice when an altered configuration and/or the reverse direction is in use.
X.4 General Conditions
X.4.1 Safety Apparel
a.     For the purposes of these Interim Practice Regulations, KNSW will accept compliance with the KA Apparel as outlined in Chapter 7 - Technical Rules of the existing KA Manual.
b.     Whilst in the confines of the Race Track, all pit crew must wear high visibility clothing/vests.
XI.4.2 Practice Sessions
a.     There must be no competitive element in Practice – Racing is strictly forbidden.
b.     It is forbidden to cross the Race Track, sit on tyre walls or be inside the Race Track, whilst ever there are Karts driving on the Race Track.
c.     There must be a Chequered flag and Red flag available at the out-grid gate, at all times, to enable the sessions to be controlled, or alternatively a Safety Light signalling system controlled from the out-grid.
d.     When there are more than 5 karts on the Track, an adult must be delegated with the responsibility to control the session.
e.     Practice should be limited to 10 minute sessions in each group (i.e. Cadets or Junior or Senior).
f.      It is forbidden to stop on the Race Track for any mechanical adjustments, take tyre pressures, refuelling, or to give the driver instruction.
g.     The mechanical breakdown area (if available) may be used during the 10 minute sessions.


If you agree to the above terms and conditions and rules & regulations of KNSW please file out form below.

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